What’s Cooking Camille? Week 5

I must open this post by saying thank you everyone for eventually choosing the Macaroni cheese as the main dish, we had to have it sometime…I mean I surely could have waited, considering… Continue reading

What’s cooking Camille? Easter Sunday

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm!  Jamie, your recipe’s were superb!  Easter Sunday dinner was great, it took Camille and I 3 hours and, our guests really enjoyed the meal.  Thank you everyone, the winning dishes… Continue reading

What’s cooking Camille? Exact measurements and a lot of patience

Well what a Sunday afternoon of cooking we had.  All I can say at the moment as I re live the experience apart from (EVERYBODY QUIET! this is actually aimed at both my… Continue reading

What would you like Camille to cook week 3?

What’s Cooking Camille? Green Salad & Real Quick Mussels Spaghetti

It’s week 2, and what a simple enjoyable meal it was.  Having never cooked mussels at home Camille bless her thought because mussels had a shell that at some point she may have… Continue reading

What’s Cooking Camille?

So it’s up to the followers to select what Camille cooks each week.  Camille and I will probably be cooking this weekend so, VOTE NOW! Thank you, Camille and Alison    

Cooking with Camille in 2012- It’s Season Two Everyone

Hi everyone, We are back for season two – Cooking with Camille.  As you know, the original plan was to complete every recipe in Jamie Oliver Jamie’s Dinners cookbook however, as a result… Continue reading

What’s Cooking? – Week 34, Camille, Maiya and Caroline

Tender and Crisp Chicken Legs with Sweet Tomatoes MEAT!!!! Camille joyously exclaimed as we reviewed our Jamie recipe for week 34, and she remembered  that we have entered a new section – meat!… Continue reading

What’s Cooking? – Week 33 It’s Potato, Pasta and Violin!

Sweet Red Onion Pasta Just a quick note, before you read about the cooking experience we had cooked this dinner Jan 22, 2011, and written the blog (draft format – so Nanny Barbara… Continue reading

What’s Cooking?-Week 32 Sorry Jamie It’s Time We Panned This Recipe!

Pan-Baked Chicken Maryland Sometimes it’s better to stick with the original order of things, in retrospect this was one of those times.  You see, we were supposed to have cooked the last pasta… Continue reading